the soul that renders one heart
will always remember
the time when he found
his one and only
his everything
his truly endearing
the soul that renders another one
will always love
the time when she stayed up late
with her best friend
her favourite person
her mischievous little darling
they have united
their hearts are tangled
and their minds just focus on each other
they sometimes quarrel
but they fall even more
drowned in their reddening love
he always want her
not her body but her soul
and she always want him
for his affection not the gold
they accept each other
and they wrote a great love story together
but one day,
came the tornado to blow the peace
and they seek somewhere to hinder
and he led them to one hut
old but all that they could find
 but she wasn't really sure
turned out the wind threw them away
up to one tree, hanging helplessly
searching for rescue team who ought to see
and they cried for this might be the end of theirs
but they were saved at last
and he knew that was his biggest fault
that might lead to his lover's death
he put the blame all to himself
and he knew
he is the one responsible for all these
and now, she kept the door shut
regretting for making him her lead
she suffered a lot
and he knew that he doesn't deserve any apology
he made her shed her tears again
his precious person
he screwed up again
and there he stands
outside the door
with no one to share his pain
because not his nature to beg for pity from people
but he still stands there
waiting for her to open it just this once more
as he wants to love her right
and to treat her right
the way she deserves
he waits
and he will always wait...