Heads Up

sometimes in life
unexpected things may come
reality isn't that beautiful
and dreams aren't always true
because when life pushed you hard
crushed you down
crumpled you up
and killed you over and over again
that's when you understand
the pain of being a human
and in life
the worst thing will happen
don't trust too easy
don't hope too high
and don't expect too much
as people won't be always nice
and God won't give what we don't deserved
be prepared as the world
isn't a privileged place for the innocents
and unfair is its middle name
even when the horizon sets
and the sun fades
even when the rain falls
and the blizzard comes
you'll always have to decide it yourself
no one can really help you 
except for the one beneath the skins you're wearing
one thing for sure
giving up is an option
putting up effort is just another one