------------------------13th Wanderer-----------------------


Diary of an Earthling

I have been living for 22 years
On Earth
and what shall I say
learning about these cultures and lifestyle
of being an Earthling
makes me tired
of trying to be a human

It's too sad in this world
Everyone is lonely
Keeping pace about only themselves
too busy to notice
and to practise
teamwork in one
It's only about Me 
and never about We
It's only about lying and using
not striving and helping

Solidarity that they preached
is about keeping your interest with sets of rules
it's never about unity
but it's neocolonialism of minds
where you feel like you're one
but you're just a son
of ideologies and philosophies that exist under the Sun

Happy birthday 
to you, me and everyone
Get older and also get wiser
the world is not a place to mingle
everyone's a victim to its trifle


To Serve World is To Voice Out with Brains

      Now we are not talking about having a life, but beware of what you say in your life. The thing about truth and faults, is the former is being overshadowed by the latter, every single time. There will always be someone who preach openly, obviously with low level of mentality, narrow kind of perception, never take others' opinions, don't even care about how people will respond, but they just do it. Openly. Yes, openly. Literally. I'm not talking about common people on streets or beggars, but they're people with so-called tertiary level of education, and these people are elected by so-called fair system of democracy. National patriotism, yeah right. As if they even know what is patriotism anyway. 

      Now, the term 'educating yourself', for me personally, is irrelevant in today's context. Yes, I know silent people are mostly people with brains. Like what rhymed in every film and stories of wisdom figures who keep to themselves all the time. But truth being told, if this is happening all the time, then there won't be anyone wise enough to become a wise leader. At this rate, all our leaders, corporate owners will be these people who chant and sing their individualistic mindsets openly. Those with resourceful and clever brains will not make it if they don't voice out theirs. And of course, what do you expect being led by these outspoken mind manipulators. 

      It's not God who changes us but we can only change ourselves by putting our effort to it. If not, well, you and me, we're screwed. Starvation, wars, riots, animal abuse, each and every problem rooted from the same reason, wrong leaders. Then why, my friends, take a look around and start thinking. If not for us to change, then who will?