------------------------13th Wanderer-----------------------


Dear Wind

I miss the flower 
The scent that brings memories
The petals of beauty
The sweet dreams' scenery 

I miss the flower 
That blooms gorgeously in the morning
Live freshly at day
And bow adorably until dawn

I miss the flower
I miss my flower 

Wind, do blow her my love from afar


Some coldness you shrugged
On your shoulders they stuck
Another souls you struck
Another trust you pluck

Let the apple grows
Let us reap what we sow
But you never think so
You had it in you, bare and snow

To the warmth I miss
You, my dear, are never ceased
To warm others and to breathe the deceased
To love summers and to stop the disease

We had it all, we had it all
But aren't we supposed to have it in a hall
Grandeur, like king and queen, we shall
Splendour, like dancing and proms, we call

If the days are squaring one
It's okay as long as we'll be one

The Bucket List #16

I can't tell how much I appreciate school's assembly
Or lining up waiting for food at DM 
Coz this was a hella of a line
And a hella of patience
To wait and to struggle with your kidneys

Legends say they're still queueing 

PlayStation Experience