The Unforgiven and Mistreated

No matter
how much I say I love you
It won't ever fix anything I've done
and no matter how hard I try to be your best
I'd still end up failing
Because the truth is
I always missed out the details
after putting myself in a larger scale

Thinking about the future
But forgot about the past
Thinking about the present
But forgot about just now
Thinking about feelings
But still forgot about other things
Thinking about fixing
But forgot about missing

No matter how hard I try
I still can't get it right
Even after a number of times
The rhythm is always scattered everywhere
And looked down at the notes
Of an unknown song

I'm afraid-
But I don't want to let others to stroke your hair
Or caress your cheeks
Or feel your warmth
I just.....can't

Because I imagined I'd spend my life with you
And losing you is not an option
Not at all
Not even once