I love this kid
And I do know why
Not because the rose
As the rose is thorny
And it can cut whoever receive it
Although it smells nice
But the price of its fragrance
Is the laceration, a gash that you might never know
how deep it can go
Not because the tie and shoes
As it's only a mirror of outside appearance
It can fool the blind eyes
Who only seeks for gold and silver
And I'm not that type of person
Whom fall for aristocrats and royals
Not because the cuteness of this kid
Hell I'm not a pedophile
Cause I'm not someone
Who looks for beauty and romance
As we all human and we grow old anyway
When the time comes,
The wrinkles will appear
The muscles will wear out
And end up on the deathbed
Groaning and yearning for the wasteful youth
But actually
The sincerity of showing the feeling
is what attracts me the most
Because we know
Children rarely lie
And love shouldn't have lies within