New Page

     I have a lot to cherish this year. More than ever before. Although I haven't won anything, or participate international level events as much as when I was at school, but I'm grateful enough. Not because of the victory, but the lesson is far more important. I learned a lot about life entirely. I learned about things I wouldn't get if I were to stick with my old self. Things that not being taught in books; even if they do, they won't be sufficient enough to be written on pages. Things that we all called as life. 

     Throughout almost 20 years of living, 2 decades of staying here, being a human, I learned that in life, there will always be disputes. Wars, fights, debates, arguments, quarrels. But in the end, nothing earned, nothing gained by both sides. Only winning and losing. But still, we wasted time, money, efforts, lives, everything just for the sake of...nothing. We all have egos, how far the impact, depends on the person. An egoistic politician might result on bloodbath fights. An ignorant friend can crush a friendship. An irresponsible lecturer will definitely fail the sole purpose of education. The thing is, people around us are not always supportive. Most of them are, I might say, destructive. Not all our acquaintances like our personality, or agree with our decision, or even want to see us at ease. Some befriend for benefits. And push us far away when they want to. And here I learned, not to expect too much from people. Trust in yourself, and to those who concern with you. 

     Also, in managing your dreams, be cautious about the drawbacks that you might face. Whatever dreams you have, there must be sacrifices. If you're not willing to sacrifice, then don't. Don't dare to dream. As well as having goals in mind, prepare backup plans. Predict the worst case scenario, and make sure you're well prepared for it. No matter how beautiful the sea, beware of the depth. 

     Truly, in spite of all lessons I learned, this one is my favourite. Which is to favour your family and your loved one. Because they're everything for us. We might not come out perfect in life, but we have to survive the journey. Never give up even after you were betrayed, crushed, hated, demised, and stabbed thousands of times. Never. Stand up for what you fight for. Remember, there'll always be someone who'll be by your side. Collect yourselves, back into pieces and prove them wrong. 

     In case of you're about to fall, bear in mind, strong timbers are born to withstand strong winds. And the challenge you're facing, He knows you will be able to withstand it. Have faith. Have faith in yourself. 

     For 2016, I never know what do you have in store for me. But whatever it is, I'll embrace it courageously. And I'll prove to you I've come this far not to back down. 

Not even the slightest.