For The Man

Don't go play your mess
Don't make your honour less
Don't even say you miss the flower
When you tramped her far lower

She blooms with hardness
Goes through various weathers
Begins under the soil beneath the seed
Now she sits tall sky's the limit

Don't even dare to say
You think of her night and day
Have you ever think of her at all
When you left her alone and fall

Now when the flower blooms once again
You come to seek your history in vain
After your hands being cut by thorns
And other flowers pushed you out forlorn

Remember, remember
You may once had the flower
But surely you never deserved
How perfect the flower is preserved

Don't go and ranting about
Missing her and all day pout
Because you broke her into shatters
Don't make her remember you even the slightest

Don't even think about it
In fact,
Don't ever dream about it.