The Sweetest Delusional Mind

everyone is wishing for easiness in everything
they want to get easy money
easy job
easy studies
easy escapade of long lines
even an easy route to reach the destination
it's in our nature to feel so
not because we can't live in hardships
but we tend to have it easy
hell, who doesn't?

and in my dream
i just want to finish studies quickly
not because i'm not enjoying it
nor because i don't have time for it
but because i wanna fulfil my dream
which i am not sure whether it's a dream or daydream
but hey, let's give it a shot
we have ample chances to live, right?

time is fast
we won't realise how fast it is
until we meet our cousins and they all have been married
we meet our juniors and now they're studying medic
we see our favourite jeans that doesn't fit anymore
we watch TV and don't interested to watch cartoon anymore
we eat lots of chocolate and get a toothache
we jog but feeling like it's a near-death experience
we stumble upon cockroaches but we don't run, just stare or even worse, spray the life out of 'em
we meet old friends, talking about jobs and houses
we watch our parents working, and we feel bad to let them pay for our stuff
we just want to have a nice little home with a cosy warm bed to sleep to
and a cup of coffee or tea to view the scenery outside the window 
mowing the lawn while greeting neighbours
and to settle down with a handsomely paid job with a BMW inside the garage

and most of all, have a good reason to come home to