"Don't wait for the knight in shining armour
his armor is shiny because he has never been to war
instead, look for the knight with torn and tattered armor
he is the one who knows how to fight
and is sure to keep you safe from harm"
because i'm not
a knight in the shining armor
i'm not a knight at all
i don't know how to fight
how to spar in FF
how to handle a sniper in COD
how to survive zombies apocalypse in RE
how to kill in DOTA
how to assassinate in AC
how to slay in DA:Inquisition
even how to beat Real Madrid in FIFA
don't think me as a knight
i don't deserve to
but i promise this one
i'll always have your back
through thick and thin
let alone my armor
i don't need one
when i have you
"don't spoil me with all the happiness of being a princess.
I'm the knight in the shining armor."
"you are. but in my eyes, you are my princess."