*wave hands*


Goodbye 2014
thank you for the memories
and all hardships and hurdles
may it all becomes our strength
to face the upcoming future
achievements and victories
have been sought solemnly inside the book
may it all stays within us
to hue the sand of time sooner

happiness, sorrows, excitement, disappointment
everything has played its own part very well
to complete the journey of a 19-year-old boy
and the days are all over
the teenage life is over
now it's time to think and worry about
the perks of being 20s

it's amazing how cool those
who can actually living the whole life
in a youthful manner
very strong
very active
very energetic
never show the sign of aging
never lose with time
till we can say they're way outrun us
in catching latest movies and music
how wonderful
to live such a life
without any orthodox

because some of us are too busy thinking about life
without actually enjoying it
life comes only once
so use it wisely and enjoy every minutes of time given by Him
so that we will be more grateful
and more sincere in going through it

"where should we have our New Year lunch?"

"I don't mind. As long as you're there with me."