Shadows in the Real World

A blissful day of February 11th
In the hospital, a mother gave birth
Small, adorable and yet gorgeous
Young girl, artful and most of all, fabulous

An insurmountable talent in arts and music
How she deciphers the photos of surrealistic
Knacks that not all men can do
Hey, this girl can also play piano too

And when her heart felt like been betrayed
Lots of MCR songs will be played
Each word, away she will drift
Every night, with Taylor Swift

Dark red and black hue her heart
A smart leader, a debater no retard
Ironically, I found this funny
Sony Ericsson, like seriously? xD

Cat to be favoured ; the late Gojiera
Until now, it lives in her medulla oblongata
Till we meet again, somewhere and someday
Ermm perhaps in Paris, with Mikey Way

Let's say this is the end of the story
About a maiden who wants to be
Happening speech therapist or an English lecturer
Hail high your dreams, sketch it for the future

Words of mine may not be impressive
Only months of meeting; this is all I can give
What do you think so far? 
Weird, unpleasant or maybe a 5-star aha!

Faiz Fahmi
6.42 AM
FZ 303

Seems like this is only what I can come out with. Dunno which one is fact and which one is not lols. And I happened to mix some of them, I guess. But yeah, enjoy! Life isn't about everything we want but instead, it's all about everything that we need. And this is just the beginning. All the best, Khaleeda and yeah, let's struggle for the final. Good luck with your writings too. Your blog is awesome! Respect. (Y)